2014-2015 Intern Biographies


María Adelaida VélezResearch Assistant 

mariaColombian national María obtained her bachelor’s degrees in Law and International Business in Eafit University, Medellín Colombia. Prior to SAIS, María worked at the Office of the Secretary of Security in the city of Medellín on security public policy issues. Previously, she was an intern at Colombia’s Constitutional Court, where she participated in decision-making concerning fundamental rights, such as the right to equal treatment and the right to health. María has also worked as an adjunct professor teaching Constitutional Law to undergraduate students and worked in the creation of an Observatory of Human Trafficking.

Currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University, Maria is a Latin American Studies concentrator. Her research activities and interests revolve around comparative constitutional law, especially in Latin American regimes. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Seunghyun HanResearch Assistant 

Business PicOriginally from Suwon, South Korea, Seunghyun Han is a first-year master’s student at Johns Hopkins University SAIS, concentrating in Economic Policy and Global Theory & History. Seunghyun has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor degree in History from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, United States. During business school, Seunghyun focused on the consulting aspect of Business Management. He participated in a consulting project with the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City. The project focused on the efficiency of each Mid-America cardiology centers. His duties as Research Assistant to Professor Justin Frosini include the practicality of the Preamble in South Korean Constitution and the role of the Preamble in the process of democratization that took place during 1960s to 1980s in South Korea.

Seunghyun Han is a native Korean speaker, proficient in English, and has an intermediate level in Spanish.

Daniel EhighaluaResearch Assistant 

Daniel is a MIPP (Masters in International Public Policy) candidate at the Johns HopkinsDaniel University, SAIS Europe. Prior to Johns Hopkins, in 2013, he concluded his Master of Laws (LLM) at Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, USA. He received a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and is admitted to practice as a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in International Law and Armed Conflicts from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, in 2008. In 2007, Daniel attended the highly acclaimed Institute of Human Rights at Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland where he earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights. He is a Fellow of the 2012 class, Draper Hills Summer Executive Fellowship Program of the Centre for Democracy, Development and The Rule of Law at Stanford University, Palo Alto California, USA. Daniel has attended courses and conferences in Serbia, Finland, Germany, London, Canada, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, and the United States.

Daniel’s current research interests intersects at law and public policy. With law, he seeks to understand comparative constitutional developments, international criminal law, human rights, and public international law broadly interpreted to include good governance and international justice. His policy interest verges at the understanding of American foreign policy towards Africa on a range of issues from terrorism to human rights; politics, development, conflicts, rule of law, and how multilateral institutions matter in addressing these challenges globally, and specifically, for Africa. His research for the CCSDD has been studying the Nigerian Preamble, its legal relevance, and the divergent scholarship and caselaw about its broader meaning.

Daniel is a native English speaker and has a basic understanding of Italian.

Marko GrujicicSarajevo Study Trip Coordinator and Research Assistant 

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Marko obtained his Bachelor in 2007 from the Faculty of Law at Marko Grujicicthe University of Belgrade. At the University of Belgrade, he also received his Master in Law in European Integration focusing on constitutional law and federalism. After being admitted to practice, Marko worked as an attorney at law in Belgrade. With the aim of broadening his understanding of Europe’s relationship with external and internal actors, he is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Relations at Johns Hopkins University SAIS, concentrating in European and Eurasian Studies. Marko’s research interests and activities are predominantly focused on federalism, conflict resolution, and foreign policy analysis within Europe and Eurasia. To that regard, he focuses on EU foreign policy, the impact of colonization on European societies, and the borders of the EU project.

In addition to his academic interest, Marko is long distance runner and is active in Serbian civil society focusing on community organizing. Marko is a Serbian native speaker, fluent in English, and is currently studying French.

Laura Saiki, Twitter Manager 

Laura is a first-year student of International Development at Johns Hopkins University SAIS. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa in 2008. Although originally from Peru, Laura grew up on Saipan, the main island in the U.S. Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and has spent most of her life living in cities along the Pacific Rim.

Prior to SAIS, Laura spent over three years working at the Public Affairs Section in the United States Embassy in Lima, Peru. She focused primarily on strategic planning and project management, which included implementing online informational programs for targeted audiences and cultural events for underserved populations. She authored many federal grant proposals, which received funding for community libraries, cultural centers, and combating violent extremism in rural areas of Peru.

Laura’s interests include international trade, emerging markets, and Latin American political development. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and is currently studying Italian.

Lori Ke, Communications Manager

Lori is a first-year student at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS, concentrating in LoriEuropean and Eurasian studies. Before coming to SAIS, she attended the University of California, Irvine and received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Literary Journalism and International Studies. She spent a fall semester interning at the Scottish Parliament during her junior year of university. She also studied advanced Spanish grammar and composition courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Summer 2011.

Lori’s academic and professional interests revolve around European affairs and international relations. She is interested in pursuing a career in a research think-tank, the U.S. State Department, a multilateral organization, or a consulting firm.

Lori is a native English speaker and is proficient in Spanish.

Kristina WienhöferCommunications Manager

Originally from Wuppertal, Germany, Kristina is a first-year Johns Hopkins SAIS student Kristina_Wienhöfer_pconcentrating in International Economics and International Law and Organizations.

Following some international experience as a high school exchange student in Idaho, USA, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in International Management from the Europe-University Flensburg in Germany. She concentrated in international economics, strategic management and Latin-American studies and also spent a semester studying in Spain. Kristina finished her degree with a final thesis that analyzed the implications of global rising food prices for developing countries.

She interned at the Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT) in Washington DC as well as at the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Germany for a project on international cooperation between international organizations. Prior to coming to Bologna, Kristina interned at the US Consulate General in Düsseldorf as a Foreign Commercial Service intern for the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Besides her native German, Kristina is fluent in English and Spanish, speaks some French, and is currently studying Italian at SAIS Europe.

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