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Analysis: Russia will aim to destabilize the Republic of Moldova

By Nick Kalams Nick Kalams is a Research Assistant at the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development, as well as a first-year Master’s of International Relations candidate at Johns Hopkins SAIS Europe. His research and work focus on issues of democratic … Continue reading

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Reflections on Sarajevo

By Milos Maggiore Milos Maggiore (Italy/UK) is pursing a Masters in International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University, SAIS.  As a European citizen studying international relations and security, the importance of the Yugoslavian wars always seemed very salient to me. Considering … Continue reading

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Constitutional Wars: Constitutional Roots of the Peruvian Political Crisis

By Rafael Aste Rafael Aste is a second-year MAIA candidate at Johns Hopkins SAIS. The outlook for Peruvian democracy is rather bleak. Its democratic institutions effectively withstood the attempted self-coup by former President Pedro Castillo, but structural problems seem to … Continue reading

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