October/November CCSDD Activities Update


CCSDD Director, Prof. Justin O. Frosini, Prof. Sara Pennicino and Researchers Dr. Čarna Pištan and Dr. Marko Milenkovic, were active participants in recent conferences.

Dr. Sara Pennincino was the keynote speaker at the regional conference “Follow-up to the recommendations of international Election Observation Missions in the countries of the Eastern partnership”.  The conference took place from October 24-25, and was organized by the Council of Europe. Dr. Pennincino discussed “Challenges to representative democracy”.

Dr. Sara Pennincino organized and presented in the “Illiberal Elements in Consolidated Democracies”, an International Workshop within the IACL Research Group on Constitutionalism in Illiberal Democracies, of which the CCSDD is a coordinating institution. The workshop took place from October 14-15, and was held at the University of Padua. The event was also attended by CCSDD Director Dr. Justin O. Frosini who chaired one of the sessions and Dr. Čarna Pištan and Dr. Marko Milenkovic who acted as discussants.

See the photos of the event below:



Illiberal Democracies 2.JPG

Illiberal Democracies 1.JPG

Illiberal Democracies.JPG


Dr. Marko Milenkovic was a discussant in panel on the EU agencies, Migration, Asylum and Security within the Young Researchers Master Class on agenification of EU executive governance, held on Wednesday, November 9 at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. The programme, and conference, held on November 10 and 11 were hosted by The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance (TARN).

See the photos of the event below:img-20161110-wa0003wp_20161109_12_34_25_prowp_20161109_12_34_20_pro

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